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Updated on February 28th, 2009 by John Taber

Spirit Storm is a high adventure fantasy campaign set after a cataclysmic magical war that devastated most of the land. If the adventures have a high tension, anime mixed with fairy tale feel, then I have achieved my vision for the campaign. This campaign is standard fantasy fare with some changes that will be detailed below.

A mere six months before the start of the campaign a great magical war was waged that lasted for almost fifteen years. This war devastated most of the known world creating large wastelands that did not exist previously. Fallout from the war also resulted in a dense layer of clouds that blanket the skies. This cloud layer limits the sunlight that can reach the planet and the stars can no longer be seen at night. Overall the land has become much colder. This dense cloud bank has also put an “emotional pallor” on the people of the land.

The name of the campaign comes from the fact that spirits are the source of all magical energy. Spirits are found in all living things. The more majestic the being the more powerful the spirit. Thus the spiritual energy in a blade of grass is much less than that of a large majestic oak tree. In concept this is similar to the belief of American Indians and Japanese folk stories. Spells and magic are the summoning and control of called spirits.

Although this is “standard fantasy fare” there is a difference with the races. Instead of dwarves, elves, etc all of the races are based off of animals. The dominant race is the Ape Kin. As far as the game is concerned Ape Kin, or “Ape Men”, are “humans”. Other races can include those which are spawned from mammals, avians, reptiles, fish, and insects. Several of the prevalent races can be found in this document but PC are encouraged to come up with their own races if desired. (Note that I am not a “Furry” or anything like that.,..I just thought this would be a fun change that I have always wanted to try.)

The PC have been called by a powerful unseen force to leave their homes. This force is calling them together for some yet unknown reason. Players are encouraged to work this into their back stories. Another thing that the PC have in common is that on the day the mage war started something important happened in their lives that involves spiritual energy. It could be the devastation of their home village, the death of a loved one, a birth, an emotional turning point, etc. Again the PC are encouraged to be creative in this area.

Campaign Documentation

Updated on February 28th, 2009 by John Taber

Campaign documentation and support material for the campaign can be found on the File Downloads page of Kingbeast's Lair (aka my gaming blog).  Hero 5th edition AND Hero 6th Edition versions of the material are available. Use this link to go to that material.

Session Logs

Updated on February 28th, 2009 by John Taber

Game session logs will be presented through my RPG blog. Here is a link to the session logs.